Teddy’s Club is a private kindergarten founded in 2006. The kindergarten welcomes children from both international and Hungarian communities.  Our staff is also international, which reflects the cultural diversity of the kindergarten. English is the functioning language at Teddy’s Club. Our institution fulfills all the Hungarian official requirements. Our official educational number is 200817.

Our aim is to provide a friendly and multicultural environment for the children. We are committed to ensure that the children are cared for in a positive and happy environment which serves as the basis of their learning process. The main characteristic of our kindergarten is providing English learning at a young age with exciting thematic English activities. Hungarian activities (school preparation, developing their native language) are also bedded within the English learning environment.

The other important feautre of our pedagogical program is our Montessori philosophy. The basis of modern international pedagogy is based on the teachings of Maria Montessori. Montessori instruments are used worldwide from Asia to the United States of America. Our international kindergarten uses Montessori pedagogy and its instruments on a daily basis. It also helps the adjustment process of our little children regardless of their country of origin.