Practical Life
Practical life area is an important part of Montessori education. It develops children’s coordination, logical thinking and coordination with pouring, spooning and tying exercises. It also helps their cooperationand imagination with creating small objects.



Sensorial education
Sensorial education gives children the opportunity to discover the world through their senses by hearing, touching, smelling, seeing and tasting. It also gives preparation for mathematics.


Language development is crucial in kindergarten education. Children     learn new words through story telling, sound games and vocabulary games.



Through working with Montessori math materials,children have the opportunity to build up the understanding of numbers and mathematical concepts.



Cultural Studies
Children learn the world and their natural environment , animals, plants in cultural studies. Our kindergarten has an akvarium and the kids learn how to feed and take care of  the fish. To develop a responsible behaviour towards animals is our main aim. In culture children also learn about different cultures and countries.



Through art and craft activities  children’s creative potential is revealed.